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5 Amazing Unique Ways to Give a Gift That Hasn't Arrived

Are you looking for fun, creative, and unique ways to give a gift that hasn’t quite come in yet? This is the perfect guide for those that are disappointed a gift didn’t come in yet or for the procrastinator that wants to put the blame on the business while still being an awesome gift giver.


1: Balloon Mystery Surprise Gift Inside

Pop For Gift - Is a crowd pleaser for gift surprises

Print a picture of your item(s) with a brief note and place it inside a balloon before inflating. Then write a clever note on the outside and place it in plain sight

Things that pop help create excitement!

2: Christmas Stocking Gift Surprise

Hide a gift in a Christmas stocking for a hidden surprise

Every family has a special way they handle holiday stockings. From the night before, the morning of, or the final cherry-on-top for the holiday gifts. Either way, hiding a note in a stocking is a great way to surprise someone.

Pro-Tip: Place your gift in a gift box and wrap it with a bow as sometimes small packages have big surprises.

3: Message in a Bottle Gift Message

Message in a bottle gift idea

Hide a surprise in a bottle. This is always a unique way to give a gift that has an impact year-round regardless of the event. It’s easy to get a small craft bottle or a favorite mini bottle of liquor/wine and tuck a note away inside.

4: Printed Images Inside A Box

Print the images of the item(s) they're receiving and add their favorite candy!

5: Possibilities are Endless

Get creative there are lots of fun ways to give a gift beyond our tips above. You really cannot go wrong.

Don’t Let A Gift Not Delivered by The Date Ruin Your Holidays

Our mission is to design and make quality products that you love. We will always strive to get your gifts out on time for your special events, but at times there may be situations outside our control between production and shipping that may delay the order.

A God Inspires gift is sure to always put a smile on someone’s face. However, our products are draw-dropping once received more than just in a box. So these creative and unique ways to present a gift can enhance the gift even tenfold; regardless if you have the item in hand or it’s still in transit.

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